How to Sign Out From Multiple Devices in Gmail

In today’s digital world, we often have to sign out from one device and sign in on another. Whether you’re at home or work, it can be difficult to remember all the passwords for your various accounts. Luckily, Gmail has a solution so that you don’t have to do this! In this article, we’ll show you how to log out of multiple devices while still being signed into your account on any other device.

How to Sign Out From Multiple Devices in Gmail

4 Easy Steps to Sign Out of Google from Multiple Device

Step One: Log Out of All Devices

To log out of all devices, head to the upper left corner and click on your profile photo. From there you’ll see a list labeled “Apps Activity.” You can then select this option by clicking it. This will populate with any app that’s open in the background or has been used recently. The easiest way to log out of all devices is by clicking on the “Sign Out” button at the top of this list.

Step Two: Reset Your Password

If you didn’t sign out from your other devices, or just forgot them in general, it’s possible that someone could access your account if they have a device you signed in on before. To prevent this from happening, reset your password! Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of Gmail to access Settings and navigate to “Security.” There you can find a section titled Reset Password which will allow you to change your password with one click.

Step Three: Select Advanced Option

If you’re still having trouble logging out of all your devices, head back to the Apps Activity list and click on “Advanced.” You’ll then see a box labeled “You must sign into this device from an existing Gmail account” with a drop-down menu. Click that option and select any other email address you have linked with your Google Account (not the one that was signed in to before). This will sign you out from the device and ensure your account is safe.

Step Four: Verify

Once this final step has been completed, head back over to Settings > Security > Advanced again. You’ll then see a box with “You must sign into this device.” Click on it and select the email account you want. This will return to the previous screen and show your email address in the drop-down menu, proving that it’s been signed out of all devices!


In this blog post, we will teach you how to sign out from Google on multiple devices in Gmail. This is a common question, and with our short guide below, it should be easy enough for just about anyone!


Can I sign out of Google from multiple devices at the same time?

Yes, you can. For example: If you are signed in to your Gmail account through an iPhone and Android phone, you will be logged out on both devices when signing out one device.You can also sign into different accounts simultaneously by clicking “Add Account” in the top right corner of any page within Gmail or YouTube. This is available for business users with G Suite Enterprise (formerly known as Google Apps) accounts only; individual G Suite Basic/Education customers cannot use this feature yet due to a limitation that has not been removed until now.

Why should I sign out my account instead of just closing it?

When logging off your account, your session will still remain active on the app or browser window. When you sign out, your account is more protected from unauthorized access due to a small time delay in between sessions (typically 30 seconds).

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