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Today it is easy to get a hold of Hotmail.co.uk’s best email service provider. All you need to do is sign up with your ISP and tada! You’ve got an account in no time. Creating an account with Microsoft, Google or other big names will get you more. You can buy a decent web hosting package, and you’ll get enough email addresses to power your large business.

But when you decide to pick up the best email service provider, there are many factors to consider before selecting an email service that will benefit your work. Particularly in these days od remote working. What are the security features? How to organize your inbox? What are Spam filters? And many more.

Whether you are from the UK or any part of the globe, many email service providers are present on the internet that will solve your communication problems in just a blink of an eye. Keep reading the article, and we’ll highlight one such email service provider that is the most popular globally. Here, we will talk about one of the most popular email services. And that is Microsoft’s Hotmail. It has decent free service, with several attractive features and advantages. So, without any further ado, let’s dig in.


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A Brief History of Hotmail.co.uk

Unlike today, it was quite a tedious task to get an email account in the early 90s. The existed services were paid for and were not simple to use. Users needed to hire an ISP and later install specific software to configure with that email account. However, the internet did not reach many people. The access to it was a little restricted.

But this changed in the mid-90s. Indian developer Sabeer Bhatia together with his colleague Jack Smith wanted to create an email that could be accessed via the web. The idea was brilliant, but it took a while to put it into practice. Both of them started working on the email service in 1995. And after that, they managed to put it in the air. Their service officially launched on July 4, 1996.
Within a few months, Hotmail gained 1 million users, which made it clear that there is a high demand for free accounts and emails that can be accessed, from anywhere.

The success of Hotmail.co.uk caught the attention of many companies, and one of them was ready to make an offer to purchase the service. And after negotiating with the creators, Bill Gates paid nearly $400 million and acquired Hotmail in December 1997.

Hotmail and Its changes

Under the care of Microsoft, Hotmail first changed to MSN services. And later in the years, it grew to become one of the most popular webmail in the world. That being said, Hotmail’s success is also due to the MSN Messenger. Yes, that’s true because Microsoft’s instant messaging service was quite popular in the 2000s. Any person who wishes to chat with friends needed to create a Microsoft account, and Hotmail’s email service was the best way around.

Hotmail underwent a huge transformation in 2012. And at that time, it was renamed Outlook.com, and all old accounts migrated to the new and modern service.

Hotmail.co.uk | Outlook.com

Both Hotmail and Outlook.com are the same things. Outlook.com is a more user-friendly service. With updated features and an improved interface, Outlook brought in to replace the Hotmail system.

However, many users were confused at the beginning with the switch. You can keep your Hotmail account as @hotmail.com while using Outlook instead.

In a nutshell. Outlook and www.Hotmail.co.uk are the same email service, no matter what email address you choose.

Advantages of using Hotmail UK

Listed below are some of the advantages of using Hotmail as your primary email service. Check this out.

  • Folders

The personal folders enable you to group emails by type. You may search emails when you need to.

  • Microsoft office support

Hotmail has more file compatibility and offers you direct Microsoft office support. It allows you to open word documents in Skydrive while enjoying the traditional Word interface. The document can be downloaded, edited, uploaded again on the cloud.

  • Connect to Facebook

Hotmail allows you to stay connected and chat with your friends that are on your Facebook friends list. It is the best way to socialize while staying in one window and avoid any hustle.

  • Sync Social Media

www.Hotmail.co.uk is the best way to stay in contact since it syncs all major social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It sends email notifications of birthdays and other social events.

  • Fewer Ads

Let’s be honest. No one likes advertisements popping up on the screen. Your Hotmail.co.uk account will not show half as many advertisements as Google’s Gmail or any other email service does. It alone is the main reason to choose Hotmail over another email service.

Registration and Login Process www.Hotmail.co.uk | Hotmail Login UK

If you want to know how to create a new Hotmail UK account, this how to- guide will help you to accomplish your task. How? Here are the steps.

Hotmail UK Step 1

  • Here, you will see the sign-up page on your screen. Click on the Create free account tab.

Hotmail UK Step 2

  • Now, a sign-up page will appear on your screen. Fill in the details one by one as asked.

Hotmail UK Step 3

  • Next, choose your username wisely. Not too hard or not too short and simple.
  • The next thing is creating your password. Remember to create a strong password.
  • Now, enter your details like age, gender, country, and mobile number.
  • Later, enter the captcha and Verify that you are a human.
  • Hit the create account tab and now your account is ready to connect the world.

See! That was easy. Right?

Now, to log in to your Hotmail.co.uk account, all you need to do is once again visit the official Outlook.com and hit the sign-in button at the upper-right corner. Enter your login credentials and start your Hotmail account immediately.

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